Animex Puch - lider puchu gęsiego, globalny producent i dostawca

We produce and supply top-quality down fillings.
For nearly 70 years, thanks to our long tradition and extensive experience, we have been making a truly unique product in the world. We develop the best products for the bedding, outdoor equipment, and clothing industries. . We make every effort to ensure that our fillings help our partners in the provision of top-quality products.

Down Pass - Down and feathers traceability and quality

The highest global standards
and fair cooperation entirely based on
partnership and business ethics

We are the only down and feather processing plant in Poland located in its mountainous, southern part.

Here can you find clean, Poland’s best quality water, which allows us to achieve down industry highest cleanliness level of above 1000 mm. This is crucial, as we strive to create goose down which satisfies even the most demanding customers around the world. All operations in our plant are carried out with respect for the environment and people.

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Corporate social responsibility and transparency are our priority.
Therefore, we operate in accordance with the rules of Animex Foods,
relying on a sustainable development policy.

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What are the characteristics of goose down produced by Animex?

Unique, pure white Unique,
pure white
100% Polish origin 100%
Polish origin
Eco-friendly, fully biodegradable Eco-friendly,
fully biodegradable
Exceptional thermal insulation Exceptional
thermal insulation
Very high fill power Very high
fill power

Supply chain of Animex

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