Animex in business terms

Being a long-standing supplier to the most demanding markets proves not only the high class of our products but also the trust that we have been consistently building on international markets for many years. The wide portfolio of customers we serve worldwide has been built on the basis of the highest standards of cooperation based on partnership.

Unquestionable quality, full commitment and necessary expertise - this is what we have been delivering to our customers for nearly seven decades.

We make sure that the product that ultimately reaches you is thoroughly tested and has appropriate certificates confirming our exceptional quality.

For this purpose, we cooperate with the most renowned industry organizations (IDFL, IDFB, Qtec Japan, KRD). Our highest standards regarding Quality, animal welfare and safety are recognized by third party audits and certificates including Downpass, ISO, RDS, Oeko-tex class 1 J-Tass.

For years we have been collaborating with companies from the fashion and outdoor industry, as well as manufacturers of high-end bedding.

Therefore, if you care about the highest quality of filling and partnership principles – let us work together.

Many years of experience in the production of down and feathers (production of Polish down since 1951)
Responsibility for animal welfare and natural environment (we operate in accordance with ISO 14001)
Cooperation with all the most valued industry centres (IDFL, IDFB, EDFA, Qtec)
Trusted and responsible business partner (distribution of goods worldwide)

Evident quality of Animex's Down